5 Reasons Aging Adults Should Get Rid of Greasy Foods in Their Diets

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Eating a healthy diet becomes increasingly important during the senior years. However, the appeal of greasy food is hard for many seniors to resist. To help your elderly loved one stay on track with his or her dietary goals, Kingwood elder care experts share 5 reasons why avoiding greasy meals can benefit his or her health.

1. Eating Fried Foods Contributes to Cognitive Decline

When certain oils are heated, they create toxins called aldehydes. Sunflower and flaxseed oils tend to produce the most aldehydes, and frying anything produces these toxins to some degree. These compounds have been linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.

2. High-Fat Food Leads to Heart Disease

Greasy foods get their texture from fat, and saturated fat and cholesterol gradually build up in the bloodstream. Over time, this extra cholesterol can clog arteries and lead to cardiovascular disease. However, low-fat foods help cleanse the blood and prevent heart-related ailments.

3. Frying Destroys Nutrients

French fries, fried okra, and breaded zucchini all start out as healthy vegetables, but the high temperatures required for frying these treats destroys the nutrients, which means your loved one gets less vitamins out of each meal. Your loved one should eat vegetables fresh or consider baking them to maximize their nutritional value.

4. Cooking in Grease Creates Carcinogens

In the senior years, cancer prevention is a serious issue. It is now known that cooking foods at high temperatures in grease generates carcinogens that can eventually lead to cancer. Lung, breast, pancreas, and neck cancer have all been associated with diets that include a lot of fried foods.

5. Grease Sabotages Weight Management

When it comes to nutrition, high-fat foods always have more calories than lower fat options. Though one greasy meal every now and then probably won’t throw your loved one’s weight off track, making fried foods a regular addition to his or her meals likely will. Over time, these extra calories can lead to weight gain that places your loved one at risk for health conditions such as diabetes and strokes.

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