The Importance of an Active Senior Lifestyle

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A senior is no longer viewed as the grandmother knitting in her rocking chair or the grandfather smoking his pipe on the front porch. The older adult of today is leading a more active and healthy lifestyle that is purposeful.

At Home Care Assistance of North Houston, daily physical activity is a vital component of our balanced approach to care and we encourage all of our senior clients to participate in as much exercise as physically possible. Here are just a few of the reasons why seniors should strive to live an active lifestyle:

  • Fills the Vital Need of Social Connections – Many seniors retire with high expectations that include travel and other enjoyable activities. Unfortunately, for many, retirement can become a time filled with boredom and sadness as their sense of purpose fades and their older friends and loved ones begin to pass away. Establishing new habits that involve social and physical activities can help provide a healthy outlet for older adults.
  • Helps Reduce Risk of Falls & Injury – Getting involved in exercise groups is another great way seniors can enjoy physical activity. These types of fitness classes also provide an important social outlet for elderly individuals, while also promoting physical, benefits as seniors are able to gain muscle strength that helps to support the body’s frame and protect it against injury. Participation in safe exercise will also naturally increase balance, flexibility and overall strength to help decrease the likelihood of a fall.
  • Boosts Mood & Supports Cognitive Functioning – Participating in activities that raise the heart rate causes endorphins to be released into the blood stream that elevate the mood and stave off depression. The increase in blood flow also reaches the brain and supports cognitive functioning, a key to reducing the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory conditions.

Encouraging Participation

If you begin to notice that your aging loved ones are become less active and beginning to distance themselves, step in and provide support. Your parent, grandparent or other family member can be encouraged to pick up old favorite hobbies such as gardening and needlework or be introduced to a new activity that sparks their interest.

For seniors who may need additional help creating and carrying out a daily fitness plan, consider help from the highly trained and compassionate caregivers at Home Care Assistance of North Houston. Available for live-in or hourly care in North Houston, our caregivers can provide assistance with exercise, meal preparation, personal care, medication reminders and so much more. Call us today at 832-412-1345 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager and provide your aging parent or loved one with the care they need and deserve.