Tips for Discussing Elder Care with Aging Parents

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If you have an aging parent or relative who is struggling with basic, day-to-day tasks, talking about home care in North Houston is essential. Unfortunately, however, this conversation isn’t guaranteed to be an easy one. Most seniors are fiercely protective of their independence and may become defensive or even shut down when subjects likes these are broached. Following are several strategies that you can use to ensure these discussions are both positive and productive.

Ask Your Loved One How He or She is Doing

Letting seniors talk about their own wellbeing allows them to remain in control over the conversation. It also makes this type of communication seem less confrontational. You can then look for natural starting points for your ideas about home care. Questions like, “Would you like having help with the laundry?” are far less likely to make aging adults go on the defense than statements about what they should do.

Affirm Your Family Member’s Decision to Age in Place

It is good to let seniors know that you support them in their decision to maintain their independence. You want your loved one to know that you are in no way challenging his or her autonomy and that you are only concerned about his or her wellbeing and safety. After having listened to your loved one and made your affirmations of support, you can offer several reasons why you feel live-in or hourly home care might be a good idea. You can talk about improved nutrition, access to regular and reliable transportation, and even companionship care.

Explain the Benefits of Home Care

Come to this discussion armed with facts and good visual resources that you can share. Many seniors are reticent to let strangers into their homes. Having the brochure of a reputable, licensed North Houston home care agency that has been well reviewed by other aging adults within the community can help. You’ll also want to have a long list of all the ways home care can help, including assistance with basic chores, running errands, grocery shopping, cooking, personal grooming, medication reminders, transportation, social and mental stimulation, mobility support, and more.

Talk About Your Plans Moving Forward

Let your senior family member know that you will still maintain an active role in his or her life and that you will work hard to ensure that these services are on par with everyone’s expectations. Not only are seniors afraid of losing their independence, but they often have real fears about being neglected or forgotten by family.

When your senior loved one is ready to talk about home care, our friendly and experienced Care Managers can schedule an in-home consultation to help you and your loved one get to know us better and are available 24/7 to answer questions or address concerns. In addition to our hourly and live-in care services, Home Care Assistance also offers comprehensive Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia care in North Houston. Call 832-412-1345 today to learn more.