3 Books to Add to Your Post-Retirement Reading List

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Reading is a favorite pastime for post-retirement seniors, and a good book can provide powerful insight into how to live well as they age. From financial management to staying fit, these three books, recommended by leading home care providers in The Woodlands, should be on every senior’s reading list.

1. Aging Backwards: 10 Years Younger, 10 Years Lighter, 30 Minutes a Day

by Miranda Esmonde-White

Esmonde-White is a former dancer of the National Ballet of Canada who developed the Essentrics technique, which is a rehabilitative stretching and strength-training exercise program. In her book, she details eight workouts that all have anti-aging benefits. Seniors can learn how to strengthen their core, speed up their weight loss, and enjoy greater flexibility that will ease painful backs and joints.

2. The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload

by Daniel J. Levitin

Today’s seniors are bombarded by information from their smartphones, medical teams and families. Levitin shares the dangers of too much multitasking and explains how information overload can lead to senior moments such as forgetting where one put their keys. Instead of multitasking, Levitin recommends active daydreaming as a way to relax the mind, and he provides insight into how to make it work. Seniors who are interested in memory enhancement will find his piece about the cognitive neuroscience of memory and attention especially interesting.

3. How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get From Your Financial Advisor

by Ernie J. Zelinski

While many retirement books focus on financial planning, Zelinski makes the point that happiness comes from more than just money. This book helps to balance out all the money talk by discussing the importance of having a positive mindset. Delving into questions that push seniors to consider things such as who is a part of their social network is a great way to enjoy a well-balanced retirement that promotes positive mental wellbeing as well as financial security.

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