Top Reasons to See a Geriatrician

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Many general physicians have not been adequately trained in caring for the aging population. Geriatricians receive the same training in medical school as general practitioners, in addition to one or two more years of training in senior care. Here are the top reasons why your aging loved one should be seen by a geriatrician.

Frailty is an inevitable fact of the aging process and a major concern for seniors and their families. Each person’s body is affected differently during the stages of frailty, and some seniors require more supervision than others. A geriatrician can assess your loved one’s ability to function on their own and help put a long-term home care plan in place specific to the individual.

There is significant concern regarding medication complications among the senior population. Not only do they tend to be on multiple medications, but the aging body breaks down medications differently than the younger body. Geriatricians are trained in prescription and over-the-counter drug interactions that are unique to the elderly.

Caregiving Advice
Being a caregiver for an aging parent can be stressful. If you feel overwhelmed and in need of extra help with the care of your loved one, a geriatrician can help with getting additional support and put you in touch with outside home care agencies that can provide both hourly and live-in home care in North Houston.

Cognitive Concerns
Some mental decline is expected in the aging process. Geriatricians are trained to evaluate the difference between what is considered normal decline and a more serious medical condition, and provide a proper course of action.

Geriatricians are more apt than a general practitioner to work closely with family members of seniors. They work alongside the caregiver to ensure seniors loved ones are taking medications properly and make a collaborative effort to monitor symptoms and health changes. This approach results in better overall health for your aging loved one.

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