Sense of Purpose Linked with Higher Quality of Life in Seniors

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At Home Care Assistance of North Houston, we know that finding things that give our lives direction and meaning helps us maintain a positive outlook and often has various health benefits, especially as we age. In fact, studies show that seniors who live with a sense of purpose lead healthier lives, thereby increasing their overall quality of life.

Purpose and Cognitive Functioning

Recently the New York Times and the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation reported on a study conducted by neuropsychologists at Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago. The study showed that participants, senior adults, who were more optimistic enjoyed increased life quality and overall wellbeing.

The study followed nearly 1,000 people with an average age of 80 for several years, annually evaluating their overall health. At the end of the study, participants were asked to fill out a survey indicating how much they agreed or disagreed with certain statements about their lives. Those who felt they were leading a more purposeful life were less likely to be experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Purpose and Perspective

After retirement, it becomes easy for seniors to lose their sense of purpose as they are no longer responsible for a set number of tasks, and many find it hard to fill their free time. Studies show that seniors who continue to enjoy hobbies post-retirement and stay connected with friends and family enjoy a higher sense of purpose and a better overall outlook on life. This positive attitude is not only beneficial emotionally, but physically as well.

Purpose and Longevity

Seniors who live purposeful lives are more independent than those who do not and as a result, are often more motivated to adopt or maintain healthy habits in order to retain their current lifestyle. These healthy habits help to strengthen the immune system and fight illness, and can, in turn, help promote longer lifespans for older adults.

Purposeful Living in North Houston

Purpose plays an important role in the lives of senior adults and it’s important to encourage our loved ones to remain involved in everything rom regular household chores to favorite hobbies and social activities. At Home Care Assistance of North Houston, we promote these types of activities and behaviors through our revolutionary Balanced Care Method, a care approach that highlights the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as the importance of finding purpose late in life.

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