4 Popular YouTubers Over Age 65

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Almost anyone can become a YouTube sensation if the videos they create find a devoted audience. In fact, many people over 65 have built up a considerable following on this hugely popular website. North Houston, TX, in-home senior care experts share the online accomplishments of these 4 well-known senior YouTube stars.

1. Judy Graham

At the age of 79, Judy Graham is now being called the “oldest knitting instructor” on YouTube. As her channel grew in popularity, celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Diane Keaton began personally ordering clothes from her. She claims her son suggested posting how-tos on YouTube as a way to supplement her income, and her husband helps her film, edit, and publish these immensely popular videos. 

2. Paul Sellers

This British writer, teacher, and woodworker gained quite a following after uploading his weekly videos to YouTube. Born in 1950, Sellers originally made a name for himself as an artisanal furniture maker. He has turned vlogging into a full-time job by producing a weekly show that helps viewers learn about traditional woodworking techniques. Sellers also dedicates much of his time to teaching others how to restore antique tools. 

3. Michio Kaku

This physicist inadvertently became a YouTube sensation when many of his lectures were uploaded to the site without him knowing. He has since created his own channel with hundreds of videos covering his lectures as well as some of the most interesting news involving science fiction, theoretical physics, and futurology. This 69-year-old sensation now hosts multiple radio shows and podcasts that are all free on YouTube. He also does quite a bit of charity work for underprivileged students throughout the world.

4. R. Lee Ermey

Lee Ermey, also known as “Gunny,” is known for his abrasive and outspoken character, but this retired veteran and actor has recently shown the world his softer side on his popular YouTube channel. His channel covers many of his favorite subjects, including firearms, politics, and motorcycles. With over 10 million views, he remains one of the most popular figures on YouTube. Ermey now travels the world putting on shows to support active troops and veterans of the armed forces.

If your aging loved one has a special skill or talent, encourage him or her to start a YouTube channel. Connecting with others across the globe is a wonderful way for him or her to get regular social and mental stimulation. For additional tips on how your loved one can boost his or her mental and emotional wellbeing, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of live-in and respite care. North Houston, TX, seniors rely on our dedicated caregivers for emotional support, social companionship, and assistance with daily tasks like exercise, bathing, and grooming. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with a friendly Care Manager, please call 832-412-1345 today.