5 Technological Devices That Can Simplify a Senior’s Life

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In many cases, technology is designed to make some aspect of life simpler. Because people over 65 often face greater challenges in life than younger adults, they may want to take advantage of some recent developments on the technological front. North Houston, TX, elder care experts have put together a list of amazing modern technologies that can make many aspects of your senior loved one’s life easier.

1. Smart Home Assistants

Seniors no longer need to check all of the key systems in their homes throughout the day. Smart home devices have become extremely advanced in recent years, and they can control everything from lights to security cameras. This technology can save your loved one time and money by automatically shutting off lights at night or turning on the heater just before he or she wakes up.

2. Bluetooth Trackers

Practically everyone is going to become more forgetful as they grow older, which can be dangerous when it comes to prescriptions and medical supplies. These trackers are not only extremely easy to use, but they have also become less expensive over the last few years. They can be attached to practically any item imaginable and then found with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Your loved one no longer needs to worry about misplacing his or her pill organizer, diabetes testing kit, and heart rate monitor.

3. Smartwatches

Even just a few minutes of exercise can be incredibly beneficial, but your loved one might be worried about putting too much strain on his or her body. A smartwatch can connect to a smartphone with just a few taps of the screen, and it can track everything from your loved one’s heart rate to how many steps he or she is taking per day. These watches can also be connected to online profiles that can track your loved one’s fitness goals.

4. Hybrid Laptops

Modern hybrid laptops blend many of the amazing features of touchscreen tablets and desktops. Instead of controlling the system with an unwieldy mouse or keyboard, your loved one can use his or her fingertips to scroll through emails or read his or her favorite magazines. Your loved one can even alter the display settings to reduce the brightness at night or increase the letter size when he or she is having difficulty reading.

5. Transportation Apps

Though many of the leading transportation apps have been marketed to the younger generations, these programs are useful to seniors as well. If your loved one would like to be more independent, he or she can use these apps to meet with friends or pick up some groceries. The apps also connect automatically to bank accounts, which means your loved one does not need to worry about bringing extra cash everywhere he or she goes.

As helpful as technology can be, there are some services only a compassionate human being can provide. At Home Care Assistance, our expertly trained caregivers are available around the clock to provide social and mental stimulation while assisting with a wide array of essential daily tasks. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care North Houston seniors can count on. For more information on our elder care services, please call 832-412-1345 today.