5 Ways to Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

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In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated August 21st as National Senior Citizens Day to highlight the past and present contributions of older adults. The following are a few ways you can show your appreciation to your elderly loved one on this day.

1. Preserve Your Loved One’s Life Story

Seniors have years of wisdom as well as humorous and inspirational stories from their earlier years. Ask your senior loved one about the life-changing events in his or her life and record them in writing or audio for future generations. You can share the story with your immediate family or even with the rest of the world by uploading your conversation to the StoryCorps website where it will be archived at the Library of Congress.

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2. Go Through the Family Photo Album

Celebrate the day by taking a trip down memory lane with your loved one. Digging through a box of photos or an old photo album can unearth great family stories and give you greater insight into how your parent or grandparent came to be the person you know and love. You can even surprise your loved one by putting the photos on a CD that he or she can view on the computer or TV.

3. Cook Together

Every family has treasured recipes that get passed down from generation to generation. Cooking together also naturally sparks conversations and laughter. If your mother or grandmother makes the best chicken noodle soup, the fluffiest biscuits, or award-winning apple pie, ask her to teach you her recipe and secrets. If your loved one is no longer able to cook, talk about his or her favorite foods and food-related memories and help him or her prepare the meals. 

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4. Make Handmade Cards

Have your family members create personalized cards telling the senior how much they love and appreciate him or her. If you have young children, encourage them to make extra cards they can hand out at a local nursing home. Seniors in nursing homes may not have family members nearby who can visit them on a regular basis, so an unexpected visit or a kind word may brighten their day.

5. Help with Chores

Surprise your loved one by helping him or her complete chores or tasks around the house. You can help with mowing, cleaning the gutters, or other home maintenance projects that may be too much for your loved one to handle. If you want to do something special for an elderly neighbor and do not want to seem too overbearing, try simple, random acts of kindness such as calling on your way to the grocery store to see if he or she needs anything.

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