Activities for Older Adults with Limited Mobility

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While one’s senior years can be full of fun, joy and positive experiences, they can also be more challenging in some ways. One challenge that many older adults encounter is finding ways to get and stay active with limited mobility due to an injury, illness, or the natural aging process.

At North Houston Home Care Assistance, we provide in-home care to promote daily activity, independence and quality of life for our senior clients, and believe that limited mobility should not be seen as an excuse not to exercise, but a motivator. Exercise is extremely important in helping seniors maintain physical and emotional wellbeing, and simply knowing where to start can sometimes be the most difficult and intimidating part of starting an exercise routine.

After speaking with your loved one’s doctor or primary care physician to determine his or her current abilities, ask if they can safely participate in the following exercises which are great for senior adults with limited mobility:

  • Swimming – If your loved one has access to a pool, swimming, water aerobics, and water jogging are all excellent forms of exercise. The water provides some buoyancy and lessens the stress on joints. Many community centers and gyms offer water exercise classes designed specifically for seniors, providing great physical exercise as well as a social gathering. The social aspect of these activities is often a great way to keep your loved one motivated to attend week after week.
  • Yoga – Yoga is a great way for seniors to enjoy a bit of exercise, while encouraging flexibility and spatial awareness. It is a form of exercise that seniors of all abilities can enjoy from those with less mobility to yogis who have practiced for many years. Even seniors who are unable to stand can enjoy certain poses while seated. The meditative aspect is another benefit of yoga, which can help seniors maintain a sense of calm and a positive outlook.
  • Chair Exercises – As mentioned above, it is possible to perform a number of exercises from a seated position. Chair exercises are anything that can be done from a sitting position that encourages movement. Dancing from a seated position can help promote movement and can strengthen the arms and core. Chair aerobics and activities like stretching and leg lifts help keep lesser used muscles active. Weight lifting is even possible from a seated position.

If your aging parent or loved one is living with limited mobility and needs help with daily exercises or other household tasks and personal care, learn how the highly trained caregivers from Home Care Assistance of North Houston can help. We offer hourly and live-in home care in North Houston as well as complimentary, no-obligation consultations, so don’t hesitate to call us today – 832-412-1345.