5 Lies the Elderly Tell Their Physicians

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It’s not uncommon for people to tell a fib or two while at the doctor’s office—and seniors are no different. Here are a few of the most common lies live-in caregivers hear while attending appointments with clients.

1. “My hearing is fine.”

Some people may be in denial about hearing loss, or they may not notice how much their ability to hear has faded. As a senior, you should feel comfortable telling your doctor about any hearing loss you’re experiencing so that you can receive the proper treatment. Some hearing loss is even preventable.

2. “I lost my medication.”

This can be a tough one because it could mean that someone feels the need to take more medication than was prescribed. It is important not to lie about losing doses, because taking too much medication can have dangerous side effects. It can also potentially lead to addiction down the road.

3. “I’m doing my physical therapy exercises.”

Often senior citizens are assigned a set of routine exercises to be performed at home to keep up mobility and strength. It can easy to put these off. However, these exercises help you maintain muscles tone, flexibility, and dexterity, so it is crucial to be honest with your doctor about your progress.

4. “Nothing is bothering me.”

If something is hurting, you should let your doctor know. Even if you are afraid of what your doctor may tell you, it is better to let him or her know before the problem worsens.

5. “I’m eating enough.”

Sometimes it can be difficult to eat regularly if you don’t feel well or if your taste is diminishing. If you notice that your appetite has decreased, speak up. Your physician can help you find ways to feel better and to start eating normally again to ensure you’re getting enough calories and meeting nutritional goals.

Honesty is key when you are talking to doctors. They are not there to judge you for your lifestyle choices. Instead, they just want to see you living the healthiest life possible so you can feel your best.

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