Finding the Lighter Side of Caregiving

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No matter how willingly you accepted the role of caregiver or enjoy caring for an elderly loved one, being a caregiver can take its toll. Many caregivers in North Houston struggle with stress, difficulty sleeping, and feeling burned out, and the stress can lead to poor health and frustration without preventative measures. If you are feeling overwhelmed, finding the humor in caregiving can give you the push you need to keep moving forward.

Hold onto a Positive Mindset
While it may seem impossible sometimes, it’s important to bring yourself back to a positive mindset if you feel yourself slipping. Start off every morning by taking a personal inventory of the things you are grateful for in life, and write them down in a journal or even on a scrap piece of paper at the end of each day. Studies show people who reflect on the positives in their life on a daily basis and actually write them down are happier overall than those who do not.

Remember to Laugh
Finding a reason to laugh every day can be especially difficult for family members who provide in-home Alzheimer’s care and feel it’s disrespectful to a loved one. However, laughing isn’t something to feel guilty about, and it’s okay to laugh over your loved one’s antics and remarks. Although Alzheimer’s and dementia are awful, there are unexpected funny moments that come up while caring for an aging parent or family member. Be willing to recognize and appreciate these unpredictable funny moments.

Seek Out Humor
You can also make the effort to bring more laughter into your life. Watch comedies or sitcoms with your loved one, actively participate in online forums and support groups, and seek out fun activities for seniors. Family members and friends often do not know how to behave around loved ones who need additional assistance with daily living, and they may think it’s inappropriate to laugh. Don’t hesitate to lighten the mood by sharing funny stories.

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