Helping Seniors Stay Safe When Using the Internet

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There are many advantages to using the Internet in the senior years, including increased socialization and opportunities for mental stimulation. However, online scammers and hackers often target seniors, which can make navigating the Internet more challenging. The Woodlands home care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss a few ways you can help keep your elderly loved one safe while using the Internet.

Teach Basic Web Safety

Ads, malware, and phishing scams designed to collect personal information are some of the most common online security issues. Teach your loved one the basics of internet safety, such as typing website names into the browser rather than clicking links in an email. You can also encourage your loved one to contact you before sharing his or her personal or financial information online.

Install Security-Enhancing Software

Ad blockers, anti-spyware programs, antivirus software, and firewalls are recommended to provide your loved one with added security when browsing the web. Free security software is available online, and firewalls are preinstalled on most Windows computers. Choose reliable programs with excellent customer reviews, and opt for those that automatically update and run on a regular schedule. 

Monitor Social Networking Profiles

Social media websites are the center of communication, but these sites can pose a potential threat to seniors. Provide your loved one with tips about information to avoid sharing on social media, such as the dates of upcoming vacations, and share the warning signs of cyberbullying. Visit your loved one’s social media profiles frequently and talk about his or her social media experiences to spot potential problems.

Encourage Online Shopping Safety

Websites are an easy way for seniors to shop from home. Help your loved one find and bookmark trustworthy shopping sites, and teach him or her how to check for security features when navigating a new website. For instance, security certificates are indicated by a lock image by the website name. With some basic safety, your loved one can securely browse and shop online.

For additional tips on helping your loved one stay safe on the Internet, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care in The Woodlands, and our caregivers are available around the clock to assist seniors with daily tasks like exercise, bathing, and cooking. To learn more about our in-home care services, please call 832-412-1345 to speak with a knowledgeable Care Manager and schedule a no-obligation consultation.