Ways to Help Older Adults Use Telemedicine

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Telehealth services are becoming one of the best options for seniors who need healthcare but prefer to avoid going to public places. With telemedicine, seniors can talk to physicians from the comfort of their homes and seek treatment for a variety of health problems. Some seniors do need a little assistance to get started with virtual medical appointments. Helping them get set up provides a new option for maintaining their health.

Check Their Devices

Telehealth services may be accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. While some physicians use common video call applications, others may use different platforms. Start by checking the doctor’s recommendations for software and devices to make sure your loved one’s online tools are compatible. You’ll also want to determine if anything needs to be downloaded before the appointment.

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Prepare What They Want to Talk About

Talking to a doctor through a phone or computer feels a little different compared to being in the examination room. Help your loved one create a list of things he or she wants to discuss. Write these down and place the list next to the device your loved one is going to use to prevent him or her from getting sidetracked during the discussion.

Create a Quiet Environment

A home environment can sometimes be disruptive to medical visits. Try to find a quiet, calm space where your loved one can have the appointment without any distractions. Doctors often use video technology to get a good look at the people they’re talking to. Choosing a room that’s well lit helps the doctor see your loved one’s skin coloring and general demeanor.

Gather Medical Information

Your loved one may need to provide his or her medical history. You can make this part of the appointment easier by helping your loved one submit the information online as part of the registration process. Your loved one might also want to have a list of medications and other pertinent information available to read to the doctor. If your loved one has access to equipment he or she uses to monitor his or her health, he or she may also want to take a reading before the appointment. Being able to share blood pressure, body temperature, or glucose levels provides information the doctor might normally collect during an in-person visit.

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Offer to Provide Assistance During the Visit

Doing anything new for the first time is always easier with someone by your side. If your loved one is new to technology or seems nervous about the visit, offer to stay nearby or have another caregiver available if needed during the appointment. While your loved one may still prefer to talk to the doctor privately, an advocate can quickly step into the room and provide any technical assistance your loved one needs to create a successful appointment.

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