What Are the Differences Between Assisted Living and Home Care?

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Seniors today have multiple options for living arrangements that allow them to have more control over their care. Understanding the differences between assisted living and home care will help families and seniors make the right choice to fit their lifestyle.

Opportunities for Socialization

Isolation is a major concern for seniors, and both home care in The Woodlands and assisted living offer ways to socialize. In an assisted living environment, seniors are surrounded by other older adults and many communities plan special events such as luncheons to encourage communication. At-home caregivers offer companionship that allows seniors to direct their social opportunities. With home care, a senior may enjoy working in their garden with a caregiver, or they may choose to go out in the community and enjoy visiting a museum.

Personal Living Space

Assisted living facilities usually offer apartments that have been modified to ensure the safety of the seniors living there. A senior may live in the room alone, or they may share with a roommate. Home care, however, allows seniors to age in the privacy of their own home and enjoy the comfort of a familiar space.

Care Services Offered

Assisted living care services can vary from one place to another, but the majority provide meals, housekeeping, and transportation services to seniors. Some may also offer limited medical services such as routine checkups and medication management. It is important to note, however, that these services are usually paid for in one lump fee that is included with the rent. Home care offers the same services, yet families can pick and choose the ones they need which can be more cost-effective for budget-minded seniors.

Family Involvement

A quality senior care service will always encourage family involvement. Yet, assisted living facilities may limit visiting to certain hours to ensure the safety of their residents. With at-home care, whether choosing a part-time or live-in caregiver, families are able to visit their loved one anytime they want are frequently updated on their loved one’s care.

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