6 Tips to Get More Nutrients from What You Eat

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Receiving all of the nutrients your body requires is a big key to maintaining your health, which is why eating a well-balanced and smartly prepared diet is so important. By keeping the following 6 tips from Kingwood Home Care Assistance in mind as you prepare and eat your favorite foods, you will receive more nutrition and improve your overall health.

1) Know Optimal Preparation Methods

Every piece of food you eat has a method of preparation that will allow you to get the most from it. For example, crushing an onion instead of simply cutting it will produce higher levels of a key nutrient called allicin.

2) Decide What to Cook and What Not to Cook

While most vegetables will lose nutrients when cooked, certain ones actually gain more when prepared with heat. For example, boiling tomatoes for thirty minutes will increase their lycopene content by about 25 percent.

3) Eat Freshly Picked Fruits and Vegetables

The less time that has passed since a piece of fruit or a vegetable has been harvested, the more nutrients it will contain. Shop at local farmer’s markets when possible, or pick up frozen fruits and veggies over canned ones.

4) Combine the Right Foods

Eating certain combinations of foods will allow your body to better absorb nutrients. Sweet potatoes, for instance, will be more nutritious when you eat them alongside olive oil, nuts, avocados, and other sources of healthy fats.

5) Consume Vitamin C with Iron

Any foods that are high in iron, such as spinach, kale and lentils, will give you the most nutrition if you pair them with a source of vitamin C. Lemon juice and oranges are two common vitamin C sources that taste great with these items.

6) Store Fruits Properly

Allowing air, sunlight and heat to come into contact with your fruits will cause them to degrade faster, resulting in the loss of nutrients over time.

By following these six easy tips, you will allow your body to receive more nutrition from each meal that you eat, and in turn, notice an improvement in your overall health.

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