Foods Causing Dehydration in Seniors

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While water is essential for hydration, it can be surprising for people to discover that the food a person eats also affects his or her body’s water content. Although certain foods, such as fruit, are known for their hydrating effects, others may need to be avoided due to their tendency to zap the body of fluids. Whether you are a family caregiver or provide professional live-in home care in North Houston, here are a few foods that contribute to dehydration in older adults.

Cured Meats

Sausages, lunchmeat, and bacon may be some of your loved one’s favorite foods to eat, but they are unfortunately one of the worst culprits behind dehydration. This is because these meats contain high levels of both protein and salt, which are known to be dehydrating.

Soy Sauce

Those who love Asian food will be disappointed to hear that soy sauce has been linked to severe cases of dehydration, even in younger members of the population. Regular consumption of soy sauce can be dangerous due to the high level of salt it contains that can cause an electrolyte imbalance.


This is one snack that can range from healthy to dangerous depending upon the topping. Movie theater versions can add an unhealthy amount of salt to a senior’s diet that is quickly dehydrating. Fortunately, a healthier at-home version can be made for seniors. Just skip the salt and use herbs for seasoning.


While salty snacks tend to be linked to dehydration, North Houston senior home care professionals also stress that sweets can be just as unhealthy. This is because over consumption of sugar creates an acidic environment within the body that strains the kidneys to the point that they are unable to process as much water for storage.


This delicious vegetable is often touted for its health benefits, yet older adults may find that it contains an amino acid called asparagine that increases the production of urine. This diuretic effect can play a role in the development of dehydration in those who are already prone to the condition.

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