6 Incredible Illustrators in Their Golden Years

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Pursuing creative hobbies can provide several mental, emotional, and physical benefits for aging adults. Studies carried out by researchers at George Washington University and Lesley University have revealed art therapy can enhance a senior’s cognitive abilities, reduce the risk of depression, lower blood pressure, and promote overall quality of life.

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Creativity is one of the best ways to boost health and wellbeing. Here are six amazing senior illustrators who still enjoy making art while staying in good health.

1. Edward Ruscha

This abstract artist became popular in 1962 for his bold colors, sharp lines, and strong backgrounds. Over the years, he created masterpieces that drew huge crowds. This 79-year-old artist now travels throughout Los Angeles and observes the scenery, which is eventually reflected in his work. 

2. Ted Zuber

Zuber is a veteran of the Korean War, and he became a professional military illustrator in 1932. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Zuber said creating art not only gives him a sense of purpose, but it also makes him feel protected and cared for. Over the last few years, Zuber has transitioned from graphic scenes of warfare to calm, natural landscapes. He continues to produce and sell art through his personal website. 

3. Gillian Ayres

After studying at the Camberwell College of Art in the 1940s, Ayres began traveling the world looking for inspiration. She is well known for her abstract style with vivid colors and unusual shapes. In addition to working as a professional illustrator for a number of popular British magazines, she also taught at Saint Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Ayres currently lives a relatively secluded life, but she still creates three or four masterpieces each year, which she sells at the Alan Cristea Gallery.

4. Robert Bateman

Bateman has become so renowned that he currently runs his own personal gallery in British Columbia called the Robert Bateman Gallery. In addition to creating art, Bateman is also a nature enthusiast who enjoys hiking local trails. He claims his love for art and nature continues to give him energy and keep him active. 

5. Carmen Herrera

At the age of 101, Herrera is one of the oldest professional illustrators in the world. After being born and raised in Havana, her family moved to New York City in the 1950s. She prefers minimalistic paintings and drawings that convey a story. During a 2016 interview with The Guardian, Herrera said that art has given her the ability to voice her opinions on important subjects such as sexism and racism.

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6. Mary Pratt

Even though Pratt draws relatively mundane items, her ability to produce realistic paintings has made her famous among art enthusiasts. Some of her most interesting paintings include those of household objects such as lunch pails, piles of produce, and jars of jam. Like some of these other artists, Mary has stated she paints items that are important to her physical and mental health.

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