Exercise Can Make Seniors Look and Feel Younger

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According to the BBC, exercising later in life can actually make people younger. Amir Payam reported from the National Senior Games in Minnesota that the athletes who participated in the competition at the national level were found to have a fitness age of up to twenty-five years younger than their actual age.

According to the same report, exercising later on in life is rejuvenating and can cause the body to function as though it is younger than it truly is. However, the real question here is can exercise truly make the body behave as though it is younger, or was this observation merely a coincidence? North Houston Home Care Assistance hopes to answer that question with the following information.

Telomeres are the protective ends of chromosomes. These telomeres shorten with age. They are also one of the most important factors in aging. Researchers believe that as the telomeres shorten, a person’s risk of age-related diseases (such as high blood pressure, mental difficulties, and even cancer) increase. Researchers also believe that exercise can help decrease the damage done to the telomeres. This then allows the body to focus on staying healthy rather than repairing unnecessary damage.

Though it has not yet been proven, there are many people who believe exercise can also tighten the skin, resulting in the decreased appearance of wrinkles. Some also believe that exercise can decrease the appearance of acne. Exercising for a few hours a week, even in short intervals, can help the body to look, feel, and behave as though it is ten to twenty-five years younger.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine grows more challenging with age. Find your aging parent or loved one the help and support he or she needs through Home Care Assistance. Our friendly and experienced caregivers in North Houston can provide mobility assistance, prepare healthy meals, and help seniors maintain an overall high quality of life. For more information, request an in-home consultation by calling 832-412-1345 today. We look forward to hearing from you.