Keeping North Houston Seniors Safe During Summer

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Seniors need special care and attention during the summer months when the temperatures begin to rise. Older adults are susceptible to certain illnesses and injuries during extreme weather conditions. Understanding the hazards and how to prevent them is the first step to ensuring a safe, healthy summer.

1. Dehydration

Dehydration is a serious problem for the elderly during hot weather conditions. Drinking plenty of water is needed to regulate the body’s temperature and keep it operating properly. North Houston home care professionals recommend always having plenty of water available and prompting your senior loved one to hydrate frequently.

2. Heat Stroke

As people age, heat-related illness such as heat stroke and heat stress become more problematic. When the body temperature hits 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it begins to show signs of stress. These signs include faintness, staggering, mental changes, rapid pulse, and lack of sweating. Avoiding heat stroke is as easy as just staying cool and hydrated. Use a fan, and in extreme weather, an air conditioner.

3. Sun Burn

The sun is wonderful, but its rays can be dangerous for seniors. Older adults have delicate skin and they need to limit their exposure to the sun. Even one sunburn can cause significant damage to skin, and wearing sunscreen every day helps decrease the chances of skin cancer. Finding a shady spot while outside is also recommended for sun protection and a quick cool down.

4. Air Quality

Poor air quality is a contributing factor to respiratory problems such as asthma and reduced lung function. Both hourly and live-in caregivers in North Houston should check the air quality daily to assess the health risk. If there is an air advisory, then seniors should stay indoors until the alert is lifted.

5. Bug Bites

Bug bites and summer go hand in hand. The great outdoors is filled with crawling and flying insects that can cause problems for seniors. The best way to avoid being bitten is to cover up any bare skin. There are also insect repellants on the market made specifically for a senior’s sensitive skin.

Summer is a great time for seniors to live life to the fullest. Taking precautions will make it safe for older adults both inside and outside the home.

For more information on summer safety for your senior loved one or to inquire about part-time home care, reach out to Home Care Assistance at 832-412-1345. A friendly Care Manager can schedule an in-home consultation, answer questions, and discuss care options.