4 Daytime Habits That Can Improve Sleep

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Many older adults experience insomnia on a nightly basis and think that it is just part of the normal aging process. The fact is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Caregivers in The Woodlands recommend the following ideas to help seniors sleep better each night.

1. Stay Active

Fresh air is a natural remedy that clears the mind and relaxes the body. There are many outdoor activities such as gardening, taking a stroll in the park, or tossing a ball with the grandkids that help seniors sleep better at night. This simple solution has been proven to have amazing results.

2. Eat Right

Research shows that seniors who eat the right foods during the day experience a more complete night’s rest. Choosing sleep-inducing foods like cherries, oranges, sweet corn, oats, and rice that contain melatonin helps older adults get the rest they need. Avoid eating or drinking products that contain caffeine and those with high sugar content.

3. Let in the Light

Open the blinds and let in the light during the day to sleep soundly at night. Studies show that seniors who are exposed to plenty of natural light during the day and a dark room at night sleep better. This controls the body’s natural patterns called circadian rhythms that follow a 24-hour cycle.

4. Time to Unwind

Getting up and accomplishing the goals for the day early frees up time in the evenings for relaxing activities. Relaxing meditation guides seniors into a place of calmness and tranquility, preparing them for deep, restorative sleep. The body requires at least 30 minutes of relaxation before it can power down and sleep. Bedtime routines such as taking a warm bath, listening to soft music, and reading a calming story each night helps seniors fall asleep faster.

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