5 Unique Christmas Gifts for a Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease face a variety of challenges throughout the year, and Christmas is the perfect time to get them a gift that can make their next year a little easier to manage. If your elderly loved one is living with Alzheimer’s, North Houston Alzheimer’s care experts have put together a list of thoughtful, unique, and helpful holiday gift ideas you can get him or her for Christmas this year.

1. Activity Apron

This clever apron features vibrant colors and a variety of textures that will provide your loved one with tactile and visual stimulation. Activities often featured on this type of apron include buttoning the buttons and threading a shoelace. These activities can help enhance your loved one’s fine motor skills and offer him or her interesting and relaxing entertainment.

2. Picture Dial Phone

Your loved one may forget important phone numbers or have a hard time navigating the buttons on a telephone, which can lead to confusion and frustration. You can relieve your loved one’s stress by buying a memory phone that allows him or her to touch the picture of the person or location he or she wants to call. This type of phone also features a dial pad with easy-to-read number buttons so your loved one can call a number and use it regularly.

3. Mental Fitness Cards

Each card in this deck is numbered and features a new and interesting mental exercise for your loved one to conquer. The card topics range from memory tests to puzzle solving. The mental exercises created for these cards are doable and reasonable and can help stimulate your loved one’s neurons, memory, and mind.

4. Digital Dementia Day Clock

These specially adapted clocks can help reduce your loved one confusion and provide peace of mind by telling him or her what day it is and whether it’s day or night. These helpful features can aid your loved one in keeping calm if time-related confusion occurs. A dementia clock can also help your loved one keep track of his or her daily activities and appointments.

5. One Button Radio

The innovative design of this radio offers your loved one a simple way to listen to his or her favorite radio station without experiencing the hassle and frustration of constantly having to return and change the volume. It also allows your loved one to tune the radio to the desired station and volume by simply pressing a large button. Listening to music can help enhance your loved one’s long-term memory and give him or her a better outlook on life.

All of these gifts are a wonderful start for helping your loved one maintain a higher quality of life. However, hiring a professional Alzheimer’s caregiver may be an even stronger gesture. At Home Care Assistance, we offer a program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which our caregivers use to keep seniors with memory-related conditions stimulated and engaged. For more information on the senior care North Houston, TX, families trust and rely on, call 832-412-1345 today.