5 Reasons Seniors Should Eat More Celery

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Improving the health of an aging loved one could be as simple as adding more celery to his or her diet. This crisp, green veggie contains a beneficial array of nutrients, few calories, and loads of fiber. North Houston elder care professionals highlight the following are five ways that celery can significantly improve senior health.

1. Alleviate Digestive Issues

Celery can resolve a number of digestive ailments that commonly plague seniors. Given that this vegetable contains large amounts of insoluble fiber, it is one of the fastest and most effective cures for constipation. With easier and less strenuous bowel movements, aging adults can also avoid piles. Best of all, celery contains a balanced array of natural salts that can help facilitate digestion and restore overall fluid balance after challenging bouts of diarrhea.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

There are a number of foods that can instantly lower blood pressure. While cayenne pepper is especially effective in this area, it is often too spicy to liberally add to the senior diet. Celery, however, can provide similar benefits without the risk of gastrointestinal distress. It is also rich in vitamin A, which supports eye health and staves of vision loss. The ability to both regulate blood pressure and nourish the eyes with vitamin A makes celery the perfect snack for preventing an age-related decline in vision.

3. Volatile Oils

Celery stalks contain just ten calories and provide up to 10 percent of the vitamin A that seniors need. The crisp, green leaves on celery stalks, however, should not be overlooked. These are filled with beneficial, volatile oils that provide a wealth of health benefits. Chopping up these leaves and adding them to soups and other dishes will provide seniors with a number of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Celery leaves also contain volatile oils that are known to combat infection.

4. Boost the Immune System

Given the vast array of nutrients that celery supplies and its ability to restore fluid balance, this vegetable is also an excellent food choice for boosting the immune system. Best of all, it can be eaten fresh or lightly steamed. Studies show that celery retains approximately 80 percent of its nutritional benefits after 10 minutes of cooking. It can be sautéed and added to favorite dishes and soups or eaten fresh and topped with nut butters.

5. Clean the Teeth

Celery also helps prevent tooth loss and gum disease by instantly restoring the mouth’s natural pH. When seniors munch on sugary foods or simple carbohydrates, the interior of the mouth becomes acidic and ideal for hosting harmful bacteria. Chewing celery, however, cleans the teeth and gums while creating healthier overall mouth conditions.

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