Monitor Senior Health with These Smartphone Apps

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In the past, keeping track of health and safety issues like food intake or blood sugar readings could be a tedious task and one that’s hard to stay on top of. But with a few smartphone apps, seniors can now monitor vital information. The apps mentioned here are some favorites among the North Houston in-home caregivers at Home Care Assistance, and all are compatible with either Android or iPhone operating systems.

Calorie Counter Pro

Though many seniors might count calories, counting nutrients is more important for most. This makes Calorie Counter so useful. With a food database of nearly 700,000 items, a quick scan of the product’s bar code logs not only calories, but up to 45 different vitamins or minerals. Your loved one’s smartphone diary can then display the nutrients he or she may be lacking. As a bonus, the app also can monitor exercise activities, indicating the calories used for up to 500 different activities.


Though not as complex as Calorie Counter, this app does make educated food purchases easier. With a simple bar code swipe the app will provide instant nutritional information. In addition, it assigns a grade to each product from A to D. It can be used at popular restaurants to determine the nutritional value of each meal. If the menu doesn’t have a bar scan, the information can be entered manually.

The Diabetes Tracker

The Diabetes Tracker will track a user’s blood sugar, insulin intake, medication used, and can be incorporated into Calorie Counter Pro to provide the best meal options. Your loved one’s doctor will be impressed when he or she can provide a log of all glucose levels since his or her last visit, and it will help your loved one’s doctor analyze and adjust his or her lifestyle plan accordingly.

Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker

Every senior should be monitoring his or her blood pressure and pulse rate periodically. The Heartwise app makes this task simple and easy. It will log systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and body mass index. It is able to show trends, such as what time of day blood pressure normally rises or falls. Perhaps the nicest feature is the reminder system, giving a friendly warning that it is time to take a reading.


No smartphone monitoring system would be complete without an emergency tracking system. TrackerAssist puts emergency medical, fire or police personnel in touch with the push of a single button. Its location feature utilizes GPS technology to let emergency responders know the location of the caller. This feature is invaluable when the senior is in need of assistance away from the home.

Looking for other ways to give your loved one a leg up on his or her health and wellness? Let Home Care Assistance help. We specialize in the hourly and live-in home care North Houston families count on to provide high-quality support to their loved ones. Our caregivers can help with a wide range of everyday activities and deliver care on a schedule of the client’s choosing. For more information, call 832-412-1345 today.