4 Questions to Consider Before Caring for an Aging Parent

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If your aging parent is at a point where he or she needs extra assistance with everyday responsibilities, you might be tasked with taking on the role of primary caregiver. North Houston Home Care Assistance knows firsthand that caregiving is rewarding, challenging. and not a decision family members should take lightly. Before jumping in with both feet, take the time to ask yourself these important questions. 

1. Am I emotionally prepared?

Acting as a primary caregiver involves making many difficult decisions, and your parent or well-meaning family members might challenges those decisions. Role reversal and watching your parent’s abilities slowly decline can also take a toll on your emotional health. It is important to realize this and be prepared to stand your ground and say no when necessary. 

2. Can I make time for this roll?

A primary caregiver can spend hours a day with their loved one, by some reports as many as 20 hours a week—more if you and your loved one live under the same roof. This might mean taking time away from your spouse, children, and job. Make sure you are prepared for this time commitment before agreeing to the roll. 

3. Can I physically handle caregiving tasks?

If your loved one is unable to get dressed, bathe, or ambulate, acting as a caregiver can be physically demanding on you. Consider your own health when deciding whether to bring in outside help to assist with these tasks. 

4. Am I willing to ask for help?

Even the best caregivers need time away to rest and take care of their own needs. Those who do not ask for help often experience caregiver burnout. Prioritize your own health, and ensure you have a strong support system or access to professional respite care in North Houston

When you are called to assist an aging parent, keep all of your options in mind and ask a lot of questions. This will help to prepare you for your role and make smart decisions when it comes to caring for your loved one. 

Being a senior loved one’s primary caregiver is challenging, but help is available. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of hourly and live-in senior care, including stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care North Houston families trust. To learn more about how our care services can offer the added support both you and your senior loved one need, give us a call at 832-412-1345 and request a free in-home consultation.