Your Loved One is Retired, Now What?

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While some seniors have big plans for retirement, many are left wondering, “What now?” Retirement can be a wonderful period of life, but it can just as easily lead many seniors to become isolated and lonely. Trusted North Houston caregivers offer up some great ways your elderly loved one can stay busy during retirement and find new fulfillment and enjoyment in life.

Remodel the Home
Being retired means having a lot of free time. With the kids out of the house and greater financial security, many seniors can benefit from a home remodel, large or small. The remodel may be as basic as reorganizing the home and re-purposing rooms, or it may involve a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Get a Part-Time Job
Even seniors who are financially secure and have insurance coverage may enjoy a part-time job. A job gives a senior someplace to go regularly, as well as a chance to socialize and make a little extra spending money. An added benefit of a part-time job after retirement? The ability to choose something fun or stimulating without worrying so much about pay and benefits.

Take Care of Grandkids
There is nothing quite like the pride and joy of playing with grandchildren, watching them grow, and helping them along the way. If you could use a helping hand with your bunch, ask your aging parent if he or she wants to regularly babysit for you.

Write an Autobiography
With all of the free time retirement brings, many seniors look for a new hobby or reason to get up in the morning. Penning an autobiography is a great way to reminisce and keep the mind sharp. The book doesn’t need to be published or even shared, but it will certainly make a great memento for children and grandchildren later.

Go Back to College
Most community colleges and even some universities offer low-cost or free college courses for seniors, although there may be requirements such as income guidelines. Seniors can learn more about what matters to them, keep their minds active, and develop new relationships by picking up a few college classes.

Looking for more ways your loved one can stay active during retirement? The North Houston senior care professionals at Home Care Assistance can help. Our hourly caregivers can provide transportation to social outings, encourage physical activity, offer mobility support, play mentally stimulating games, and act as a pillar of emotional support and companionship. Call 832-412-1345 and speak with a friendly Care Manager to learn more.