About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Ilse du Bernard - Client Care Manager and Co-Owner

Ilse du Bernard – Client Care Manager and Co-Owner

Ilse is a Social Worker with 11 years of experience working in a rehabilitation hospital as part of a medical team, counselling paraplegic and quadriplegic patients and their families, supporting them through a traumatic life event and preparing them to reintegrate into their home and community.
She became more aware of the needs of the elderly as she experienced first-hand, the challenges that her aging parents and their peers were and still are, facing. It especially became clear that a lot of families needed support in taking care of their parents She feels passionate about helping people and especially that the criteria/litmus test will always be:
“To treat our clients with the same love, care and dignity I would treat my own parents and to expect the same from our caregivers. ”
She also feels strongly that the caregivers are a critical part of the business and therefore should receive the support they need in order to provide quality care to the elderly.
Ilse is also a “very thankful cancer survivor, by the Grace of God”, for 12 years and feels that having gone through the whole cancer treatment process, has given her even more compassion than before.


Guy du Bernard – Co-Owner

Guy brings a diverse background to Home Care Assistance. He is a Professional Engineer by training and experience, which he attributes to his “out-of-the-box” thinking. He completed his Masters in Business Administration and has been working as a SAP Consultant for the past 18 years. He has been an Independent Consultant for the past 12 years​.​ ​He​ has looked forward to working closer to family, as well as to own and manage a business with his wife, Ilse. He is drawn to the Home Care Industry, because of his desire to make a difference in people’s lives,​ ​to help Seniors and those who are vulnerable. ​Both Guy and Ilse have made a commitment to excellence in Home Care Assistance.​ They were both born and raised in South Africa, but have made ​North ​Houston, Texas their home for the past 18 years​,​​ with their 15 year old son.​